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"I Found My Thrill: The Music and Artistry of Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew"

Exhibit is currently running at the New Orleans Jazz Museum through September 2024

There will always be a debate as to who are the inventors of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but the name that is always in the mix is the Fat Man from New Orleans, Antoine “Fats” Domino.  Starting with what might be the first rock ‘n’ roll song, “The Fat Man,” in 1949, Domino and his producer and songwriting partner Dave Bartholomew defined rock and roll.  With his string of hits that lasted into the 1960s including “Ain’t That A Shame,” “Blue Monday, “ “Blueberry Hill,” “I’m Walkin’,” and many others, Domino blazed a trail around the world until his death in 2017 but always came back to New Orleans. His influence stretches from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones all the way to Elton John to The Black Keys and Jonathan Batiste. This exhibit will use photos, artifactssuch as his pianos, wardrobe, and recordings, videos, and interviews to explain all about the Fat Man and his partner Dave Bartholomew, their music, influence and the City that made Fats and Dave who they became. 

Fats Domino photo

'I Found My Thrill' Trailer

'I Found My Thrill' Curators' Tour

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